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Equinox, a superhero modeled on real-life First Nation teens, is set to make her debut in the DC Comics publication

Artist and film auteur Steven Paul Judd has signed a deal to direct a film connected to one of today's hottest comic book titles, Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth , which is publishe...

By now we're all familiar with Johnny Depp's stated intentions with his performance in The Lone Ranger -- on

Jeffrey Veregge
In 1978 the cosmic forces of the universe had made an executive decision for Connie and Jeff Veregge: “You will forgo seeing the film you want to see and take your only son to see ...
Sara Shahriari
Graphic designer Jeffrey Veregge (Port Gamble S'Klallam) created his first 'Native Superhero' design just a few years ago, at a point when the Seattle-based graphic designer was se...
Multi-talented Arigon Starr has been a creative force in Indian country for years, primarily as a musician...