Pequot Chairman Rodney Butler Wayne Reels
Christina Rose
For the first time in history, on November 5, Mashantucket Pequot tribal members, dignitaries, and guests gathered to celebrate the Mashantucket Pequot flag being raised over the C...
Sheena Louise Roetman
Two high schools in West Hartford, Connecticut have replaced their Native American-based mascot imagery after a yearlong decision-making process...
Mission Mishoon Mystic Connecticut
Christina Rose
At the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut, small shops modeled after those that lined the same wide street 275 years ago, recall the last time the Mashantucket Pequots ro...
Edward Lamoureux Lucianne Lavin Book Signing 2013
Christina Rose
Lucianne Lavin’s book, “ Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples ” is a history book, an archaeology text, and an honoring of Indigenous People’s relationship with the land, their spiritu...
Chief Quiet Hawk

Will it ever end? I am talking about the State of Connecticut’s continued discrimination against state-recognized Indian Tribes when those Tribes continue to struggle to gain recognition by the U.S. Government....

Sherrell Dorsey, EPA
The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut has long been a case study for the perils of inequity that mirror similar narratives across our nation...
Christina Rose
On Friday, August 1, 27 members of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Police received the power to arrest non-Natives on tribal land...
The Mohegans will kick off 2015 independent of its original partner, Trading Cove Associates, which lead the development, building, marketing, and in the beginning, operations of M...
Christina Rose
This Date in Native History: As the dubious founders of Indian policy, Connecticut claims the first massacre of Native people, the first forced removals, and the first reservations...
Christine Rose, Editor for BethelPatch
For more than 100 years, Albert Afraid of Hawk has been resting in a grave between a dirt road and wooded hills in Danbury, Connecticutt's Wooster Cemetery...