When the issue of changing the Capitol Hill High School mascot—Redskins—was brought before a meeting of the Oklahoma City school board yesterday, Oklahoma Gazette reporter Ben Feld...
Simon Moya-Smith
There is so much win happening here I don't even know where to begin...
Simon Moya-Smith
Is it karma? Some tickets to Sunday's Washington football team game against the St...
Amanda Blackhorse
Sometimes I wonder if Washington team owner Dan Snyder and the co-owners know what type of hate mail those of us who have been battling the Native American mascot issue get...
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Actor Jonathan Banks, widely known for his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in the award-winning AMC Series Breaking Bad , has joined the growing chorus of celebrity voices who are calling...
Simon Moya-Smith
A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the Washington football team has the right to sue five Native Americans over the cancellation of the team’s trademarks...
Change the Mascot Dany Snyder Bully
Simon Moya-Smith
The Change the Mascot campaign, a national organization working to change the name of the Washington football team, released a new ad Tuesday on its website and Facebook page askin...

On November 2, a crowd estimated to be as large as 5,000 strong gathered in front of TCF stadium in Minneapolis, Minn

Jacqueline Keeler
“I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream or something, I have to pinch myself,” says Clyde Bellecourt, long-time Anishinabe activist and founder of both the American Indian Movement ...
When the Washington Redskins arrive in Minneapolis this weekend, the team and its owner, Dan Snyder, will have to wade through a tide of protesters to get to TCF Bank stadium...