Lee Allen
The American Bar Association Journal summed up the situation this way in a recent article on Reclaiming Sovereignty: “Indian tribes are retaking jurisdiction over domestic violence...
Gale Courey Toensing
A group of Congress members has filed a brief in federal court backing the Penobscot Indian Nation’s lawsuit against the State of Maine over hunting and fishing rights in the Penob...
Kristi Eaton
Brendan Johnson and Timothy Purdon made it their mission while serving as U.S...
Kristi Eaton
Brendan Johnson and Timothy Purdon made it their mission while serving as U.S...
Suzette Brewer
On Tuesday, Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Kevin K...
Medical Marijuana iStock
Alysa Landry
California’s Pinoleville Pomo Nation is poised to become the first American Indian tribe to grow medical marijuana, though investors claim at least 100 additional tribes are explor...
Simon Moya-Smith
It was standing-room only during a community forum in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Monday where more than 100 people had gathered to discuss the city's palpable racial tension...
Red Lake Tribal Council
Michael Meuers
Although the subject was not on the printed agenda for the Red Lake Tribal Council at the monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, recent acts by the federal government regard...
Medical Marijuana iStock
The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board approved a resolution 7-4 on Monday, January 12 to legalize medical marijuana on the reservation, reports the Billings Gazette ...
Marlee Kanosh Rally
Christina Rose
A recent Department of Justice report announced that as a percentage of the population, Natives are more likely than any other race to be shot by police...