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Ethnicity and indigeneity are two different forms of cultural identity...
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Policy makers and academics often describe the contemporary condition of Indigenous Peoples as marginalized politically and economically...
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For most Indigenous Peoples the present-day world is out of balance...
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A key concept in the cultural philosophies of most indigenous nations is respect...
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The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) does not recognize the right of indigenous nations to own land outside the laws and rules of national go...
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Our elders and spiritual leaders do not teach the practice of disenrollment. In fact, disenrollment is a wholly non-Indian construct....

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The demography of American Indian academics is changing significantly, moving away from tribal attachments and identities...
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Ethnic Indians who do not have ties to tribal nations form a potential threat to Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous rights...
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Contemporary indigenous nations are captured by a host nation state...
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One of the critical questions of relations between Indigenous Peoples and nation states is whether nation states will recognize and uphold indigenous rights...