UN World Conference Participants
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Indigenous nations are extremely diverse in terms of languages, lands, governments, cultures, races, and nowadays even rural and urban residence...
Acoma Pueblo Sky City
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One of the most powerful forces arrayed against Indigenous Peoples are the forces of modernity. Many, if not most, people in the world are modernists of some kind...
Chiefs of the Six Nations Wampum Belts Horatio Hale 1871
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When the U.S...
Grand Council 1898 Haudenosaunee Confederacy
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A unique attribute of Indian political ways was noted early on by colonial observers...
AP Masked Zapatista 1997
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It is often unusual for Indigenous Peoples to have the opportunity express their views and visions about their needs and futures...
Coyote Trickster Colonialism
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Indigenous Peoples don’t see the world as a state of bliss or happiness, but rather as a tense set of reciprocal relations that may be beneficial, but also can be harmful...
How the West Was Won Screenshot
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Westerns as a movie genre have become unpopular. Cowboys were once popular in movies and television shows...
Ethnic Indians Indigeneity Champagne iStock
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Ethnicity and indigeneity are two different forms of cultural identity...
Indigenous Rights Now AP
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Policy makers and academics often describe the contemporary condition of Indigenous Peoples as marginalized politically and economically...
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For most Indigenous Peoples the present-day world is out of balance...