Carly McIntosh

Right when you start walking freely in through the trees, you have a sense of discovery. Exactly when you take your first step you make a deep connection with the Earth, our Mother, the strength of Mother Earth pulls you closer to one another....

Valerie Goodness

Stories about dandelions have been told by Native Peoples of Turtle Island for thousands of years. For example, there is an Ojibwe legend about the South Wind falling in love with the dandelion....

Bob Gough

Since the first Native Peoples/Native Homelands Climate Change Workshop 15 years ago, the perils of an accelerating disruption in our Mother Earth's natural systems have risen from climate model predictions to observable weather extremes, breaking records and the ...

Hopa Mountain
Hopa Mountain, Inc.
Hopa Mountain, a Bozeman, Montana-based nonprofit will hold its annual Native Science Fellows Gathering and Research Seminar from February 26 to 28 at Montana State University in B...
Gail Small Montana State University
Carol Schmidt, MSU News Service
Gail Small, professor of Native American Studies at Montana State University, has been named a 2015 Leopold Leadership Fellow...
Steven Newcomb

The Rio Tinto Mining Company, owned by interests in the United Kingdom and Australia, is representative of the destructive and devouring process of colonization which results in the expropriation and exploitation of the territories of original nations and peoples....

Dean B. Suagee

In June 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a proposed regulation known as the Clean Power Plan rule....

Johnson Meninick Yakama Nation
Richard Walker
The Chehalis Tribe, the Skokomish Tribe and a Yakama elder are recipients of honors for cultural, environmental and historical preservation...
With all the fighting in the world today, you’d think the animals, at least, would get along. But tell that to these marsupials...
It took millions of years for the Aral Sea to form, and just a few decades to divest it of water...