Feeding Ourselves Grandma Salmon
Tanya H. Lee
Tribal sovereignty means food sovereignty, according to a report , Feeding Ourselves: Food Access, Health Disparities, and the Pathways to Healthy Native American Communities, rece...
iStock Colorful Berry Mix
Alysa Landry
Since the term “food desert” was used in the 2008 Farm Bill , a lot of hype has surrounded these “suburban, rural and tribal communities” with limited access to fresh produce and o...
Hungry Food Desert iStockphoto
Alysa Landry
If at least 20 percent of your community lives in poverty and at least one-third of residents have to travel more than one city mile or 10 rural miles to reach a grocery store, you...
Junk Food
Alysa Landry
Be prepared to pay a little bit extra for that bag of Hot Cheetos...
In the largest food scarcity survey to take place across the Four Corners, results revealed that nearly 40 percent of Navajo Reservation residents don’t have access to enough food ...
The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians appreciates the work of nonprofit Well in the Desert to fill the stomachs of those struggling to make ends meet...
Stephanie Woodard
“Trees offer food, shelter, shade and privacy; they control erosion and air pollution, and they’re beautiful,” said Ryhal Rowland, extension agent for the Northern Cheyenne Extensi...