Left to right: Jared Munoa (Pechanga Development Corporation), Cal Winslow (Rancho Damacitas), Patti Drew, Rhonda Reinke (Safe Altertatives for Everyone), Anne Unmacht (Project TOUCH), Eddie Estrada (U.S. Vets)
Pechanga’s two-day charity golf tournament has raised more than $100,000 with the entire amount going to help homeless, foster children and others in need...
Donna Ennis

I have worked with over a thousand foster youth in the past 20 years. Thanks to Facebook and other social media sites I am able to stay in contact with them after they have left foster care and moved onto other settings. I recently connected with the first child that I placed in foster care....

Gale Courey Toensing
When Denise Yarmal Altvater talks about the abuse she and others suffered as Indian children in foster care in Maine, the stories are so painful to hear that it is impossible to im...