Susan Taffe Reed Dartmouth
Inge-Lise Ameer, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, sent an email to students October 1 explaining that Susan Taffe Reed will no long continue as the director of the Native Amer...
Susan Taffe Reed Dartmouth
Jacqueline Keeler
The recent appointment by Dartmouth College of Susan Taffe Reed, President of the Eastern Delaware Nation , a non-profit entity, to the position of Native American Program director...
Reconstruction National Geographic
Alex Ewen
A remarkable new discovery in South Africa, Homo naledi , is rewriting our knowledge of ancient human evolution...
Cherokee Elder Jim McGee
Cherokee Elder Jim McGee grew up on his grandmother’s allotted land, a 160-acre farm. He did farm chores, played made-up games, and fought with his older brother...
Carly McIntosh

Earlier this year I was sitting in my lazy mans chair and started searching for my great grandfather....

Loonsfoot Family
Hannah Schmidt
The sun set below the tree canopy. I sat tracing lines in the dirt with my fingers while a sacred fire burned beside me...
Xavante Indians
Alex Ewen
Two new research studies, published in two separate scientific journals, have found that the DNA of certain Amazonian Indian tribes are similar to those of the indigenous inhabitan...
David Cornsilk

It appears the Andrea Smith apologists are doing everything they can to divert attention from the one thing about her that is important right now, whether or not she is Cherokee. They want to make it about her work, not so. They want to make it about her complexion, not so....

Erin Spiceland and Rachel Byington
On April 23, ICMTN reported that several Native actors walked off the set of the Adam Sandler movie The Ridiculous Six ...
Choctaw Elder Lorene Blaine
Ronnie Pierce/Choctaw Nation
Born in a small frame house in Bennington, Oklahoma, Lorene Blaine never thought she would live a life that would take her across the country, to Europe, and back home again...