Steve Russell
They are having an academic conversation or a moral panic in Australia, depending on your point of view...
Mark R. Day
Ishi’s life is a window through which one can view the ugliest period of California history: the mass slaughter and displacement of more than 100,000 Native Californians...
Robert Aquinas McNally
February 2016 marks the 160 th anniversary of the death of Benjamin Wright, whose bloody career makes all too clear the dark reality of America’s genocide...
Simon Moya-Smith
Glaring contradictions. Stupid fucking lies, and good ol’ American bullshit. Yes, folks today we are talking U.S...
Simon Moya-Smith
Before you watch the live telecast of “ The Wiz ” tonight on NBC, here are a few disturbing facts you should know about the author of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” L...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
As Thanksgiving approaches, many schools throughout the U.S...
Toni Tsatoke

Some days I leave my classroom unsure that what I have taught has any real effect on my students, but then there are days like today....

Simon Moya-Smith
Native Americans did not have a right to their ancestral homeland, and white people were justified in committing genocide against them, Ayn Rand, the Russian-born conservative hero...
sunrise Ceremony Aztec Dancer
Nanette Deetz
A Sunrise Ceremony was held on Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Alcatraz Island to celebrate “523 years of indigenous resistance, honor our ancestors and future generations,” according t...
Alex Jacobs

The Pope came to the New World but his spin doctors say he doesn’t have to rescind those outdated, lethal and racist Papal Bulls that led to the enslavement of New World inhabitants, since all subsequent Papal Bulls rescinded the previous ones....