Alysa Landry
Editor’s note: Voters this year will elect the 45th president of the United States...
Steve Russell
The United States Army celebrates its 240th birthday on June 14, dating the beginning of organized American arms from that date in 1775, when the Second Continental Congress declar...
Steve Russell
Correction: The original version of this article stated that Gov. Abbott had mobilized the Texas National Guard to maintain surveillance of federal troops...
Charles Kader

Sometimes I get teased about my habit of writing about legendary figures of history and how they got to be that way. Modern heroes still walk among us all today and possibly the best is still yet to come....

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Lynn Armitage
“You know, you look like Geronimo,” the mayor of Menifee, California, once told Michael Cano. It’s no wonder...
Steve Russell
Who are these people, anyway? President Obama calls them ISIL, a convention adopted by the State Department earlier this year...
Steve Russell
“Indian country” means different things depending on who is saying it, and to whom it is being said...