James Cadwell

As the last names of this year’s graduates were announced in Chamberlain you could hear the drum group singers gain strength with this year's honor song. While the song still remains outside this boarder town gymnasium the singing of the song is slowly becoming the norm. ...

NTU Bachelor of Applied Science Embrace
In 2013, Navajo Technical University pushed to become a university, it did so to allow more students the opportunity to earn baccalaureate degrees...
Christian Titman Clovis High School California
André Cramblit
Editor’s Note: Clovis Unified School District and attorneys for Christian Titman reached an agreement June 2, which will allow him to wear the eagle feather at graduation...
ASU Graduation Pueblo Doctorate
This year’s graduating class at Arizona State University was special because it may have included the largest group of Native American doctoral graduates to ever collect degrees at...
Harlan McKosato

Every year during graduation season the issue of wearing eagle feathers comes up among Native students and their schools....

Gyasi Ross
“The thing about being an Indian person is that you feel most at home with your own people.” Winona LaDuke This is a great time of year—NBA Playoffs are in full swing, it’s almost ...
Beaded Cap Leticia Gonzales Crop
Vincent Schilling
Superintendent Barry Simpson, of the Bishop Unified School District, in California has had a change of heart about beaded graduation caps after a meeting with local tribal leaders...
Hayden Layne Griffith Caney Valley Feather
Vincent Schilling
After an Oklahoma School District told Native senior Hayden Layne Griffith that she couldn’t wear an eagle feather in her graduation cap during this month’s ceremony, the school di...
Waverly Wilson Eagle Feather Regalia Lakes High School
Vincent Schilling
Native high school student Waverly Wilson, who will be graduating soon from Lakes High School in Lakewood, Washington has been told by an advisor and principal Karen Mauer-Smith th...