Gyasi Ross
I was a Bernie supporter who voted for Hillary Clinton. I was never “with her” but I voted for Clinton because Trump simply was not an option...
White Dudes with Guns
Gyasi Ross
The image, above, is a real image. It is not photoshopped...
Joye Braun - Facebook
Gyasi Ross
As many of you witnessed, the State of North Dakota is getting more violent in its treatment of the Water Protectors on the Standing Rock Reservation...
NoDAPL - Standing Rock - Photo Courtesy Rob Chanate
Gyasi Ross
As my buddy Rob reminds me: there’s a point to everything that’s been going on in Standing Rock. It’s important to not lose sight of that...
tito ybarra
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There are people from all walks of life staying at the Prayer Camps in Standing Rock...
Alayna Eagle Shield
Gyasi Ross
Standing Rock’s Prayer Camps have become communities. Communities identify needs. Communities have accountability and responsibilities...
Jimmy Starkey speaks with young people at Standing Rock - Photo: Marshall Lee, Yakama Nation.
Gyasi Ross
Every single person at the various Standing Rock Prayer Camps has a different story. Some of them have more than one...
‘50 Faces of Indian Country 2016’ Magazine
Vincent Schilling
Indian Country Today Media Network is proud to announce its second “50 Faces of Indian Country” magazine, an annual celebration of the diversity and power of Native stars, athletes...
Thing About Skins: Obama’s legacy is on the line: The Dakota Access Pipeline could tarnish his place in history
Gyasi Ross
Obama and Native nations have worked hard over eight years to create a special and healthy relationship during his tenure. Not a perfect relationship, but definitely special...
From the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) to the prayer camps, reaction streamed in after the Obama administration stepped in to temporarily halt construction on the po...