Anya Montiel
The following is a blog originally posted at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian...
Vincent Schilling
Goldie Tom is a licensed cosmetologist and Navajo makeup artist who made a big splash at several fashion shows this past spring and fall during the celebrated New York fashion week...
Lisa J. Ellwood
Unsurprisingly and unfortunately, Walmart’s Halloween costumes hit the headlines again this week...
Haunted Historic Cherokee Sites
Ghostly legends surround three historic buildings in the Cherokee Nation—the Saline Courthouse, the Murrell Home, and the Jack Brown House...
Navajo Pumpkin Patch Pickers
Alysa Landry
A 1,200-acre parcel of farmland on the Navajo Nation turns into a miniature, bustling city every fall...
Ruth Hopkins

Rez Natives love us some Halloween. I mean, what’s not to love about a pagan holiday involving carved produce, telling scary stories, and free candy? It’s like it was created with us in mind....

Sarah Sunshine Manning
The courage of allies is a matter to be celebrated, especially when it comes to braving the tangle of complex Native issues...
Terese Marie Mailhot

As an Indian woman, I am asked many questions, like, “Do you pay for college,” or, “What's my spirit animal?” The question I find most abhorrent is, “Do you feel caught between the old ways and the modern world?”...

Model Leilani Dowding posted this photo on Facebook with the caption 'I just got massacred by a #cowboy Note Fur is FAKE!!! #HalloweenCostume #happyhalloween #americanindian #halloweenMakeUp #halloween'
Leilani Dowding, a British model who appeared on the 2011 VH-1 reality series Tough Love Miami, has worn what may be the most offensive Native American Halloween costume we've seen...
Andre Cramblit

It is the season of the Native. We have just completed our World Renewal ceremonies, Columbus Day, Halloween (please don’t dress as a “brave” or Pocahottie), November is Native American Heritage month. Oh boy this is our time of the year....