Debra Haaland, Democratic Party of New Mexico chairwoman, with Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Harlan McKosato
The Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico is Debra Haaland, who is from the Pueblo of Laguna...
Indian Relay - Photo: Michelle LaVasque
Harlan McKosato
Anticipation was high as the inaugural Ioway Invitational Indian Relay Race kicked off in the small rural town of Perkins, Oklahoma last month...
Harlan McKosato

I know you are certainly aware of what is going on in North Dakota with the Dakota Access Pipeline and the NODAPL movement by Native Americans....

Harlan McKosato
The healing scent of burning sage and sweetgrass was in the air as members of the Pueblo of Sandia and other nations marched up Tribal Route 72 just north of Albuquerque on Wednesd...
Silver work by Cody Sanderson (Navajo) - Photo: Harlan McKosato
Harlan McKosato
Celebrated as the largest and most prestigious inter-tribal fine art market in the world, the Santa Fe Indian Market - with over 1,000 of the best Native artists, craftspersons, an...
Many of the homeless Natives in Albuquerque come here looking for better opportunities than their home communities have to offer.
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The stretch of the historic Old Route 66 that runs through the middle of Albuquerque is now known as Central Avenue...
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The Black Lives Matter movement is making an impact here in the U.S., even though I’m not sure what exactly the movement is all about except that they want to reverse racial injustice. What I do know is that Native Lives Matter as well....

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There is a whole history of massacres against tribes that doesn’t really need to be documented in this story. The history of violence is something that is practically part of Native peoples’ DNA. It’s certainly part of our genetic memory, incorporated into our genetic code....

Harlan McKosato
The New Mexico history museum in Santa Fe recently highlighted the star power of Native actors Wes Studi, Gary Farmer, A...
Harlan McKosato
The Albuquerque Public School system recently decided to implement ethnic studies programs for their 13 high schools...