Tanya H. Lee
In 1985, a government report for the first time documented disparities in health and mortality between black and other minority groups in the U.S. and whites...
Suzette Brewer
Today at the opening session of the 34th annual National Indian Child Welfare Association in St...
Mary Annette Pember
The impact from Rosebud Hospital’s reduction in emergency room hours continues to expand as sexual assault victims on the Rosebud Reservation struggle to find services at local hos...
Rob Capriccioso
Less than four months after the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) created a special, top-tier position for Dr...
Rob Capriccioso
In a dramatic change of policy that is likely to be welcomed by tribes, the White House is seeking to turn the money tribes annually spend on federally mandated health and social s...
Rob Capriccioso
Just a few months into his first term, President Barack Obama requested that all federal agencies develop “meaningful consultation and collaboration with tribal officials.” On Nove...
Rob Capriccioso
The Obama administration has reportedly agreed to congressional demands for it to abide by Supreme Court decisions requiring reimbursement of full tribal contract support costs (CS...
Rob Capriccioso
After months of partisan combat, the Republican House and Democratic Senate have both passed a budget deal that alleviates sequestration, but still holds uncertainties for tribal f...
Rob Capriccioso
As in past years, federal agency officials made several promises to tribal leaders during the November 13 White House Tribal Nations Conference...