Re-elected, Idaho Rep. Paulette Jordan.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS — Native American representation in Congress was 0.37 percent before the election and today it’s the same, Rep. Tom Cole and Rep...
Henry Red Cloud said South Dakota’s goal should be to increase renewable energy, cutting use by 0, 60, 80 percent.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS — One week. Lots to report. Let’s start in Montana where Denise Juneau sought out Speaker Paul Ryan and asked to meet with him...
Henry Red Cloud is running for South Dakota Public Utilities Commission as a Democrat. He will visit the Sacred Stone Camp and bring with him solar lighting equipment. He says: “We simply have to stop accepting and approving poorly planned and disastrous
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS — Henry Red Cloud added his name to those traveling to Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to show support for the people of Standing Rock and their opposition to the Dakota...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —My Facebook feed is rolling with new feeds from those headed to North Dakota to join those protecting the drinking water for the people of Standing Rock and Cheyen...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS — It’s easy to dismiss this election. Every day there’s more news about something outrageous that was said by a presidential candidate. Grab the remote. Click...
Today the White House honored 10 local heroes as “Champions of Change” for their efforts to promote and expand solar deployment in the residential, commercial and industrial sector...
Christina Rose
The Red Cloud Indian School in Pine Ridge, South Dakota began as the Holy Rosary Mission in 1888, 10 years after Lakota Chief Red Cloud approached the Jesuits about opening a schoo...
Rob Capriccioso
In no greater place can the poverty of some Indian reservations be observed than at the very houses that many Indian citizens call home...
Michelle Tirado
There is a revolution under way to bring renewable resources to Native American people...