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We already know that eating more fruits and vegetables is good for us...
Saffron Harvesting Iran Wikipedia
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How many times have you taken a bite of something and said, “oh, my god, what is that herb (or spice), this is fantastic!” You may know right off the bat or it may be a subtle thin...
Echinacea Herbs Main
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Charge up your iced tea with common herbs and plants to boost your health and immune system, and help you ward off colds and flus, cramps, stomach ailments, and more...
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Ancient remedies can be used to cure common ailments even today, here are some to keep handy for everything from a cold to irritated skin...
Terri Hansen
osha root PORTLAND, Oregon—When naturopathic physician Dr. Orna Izakson looks at a plant she sees more than its stem, leaves or vibrant flower—she sees medicine...
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Spring is finally here—the time for renewal and new life! In Abenaki it is Zigwan , meaning the months of March, April and May...