Mark Fogarty
Amuyich. Potlatch. Yawa’. There are as many American Indian words for giving, or generosity of spirit, or the necessity of acting on your beliefs, as there are Indian languages...
Anne Minard
For some tribal members living alongside the Colorado River, a new plan to reconnect the river to the sea remedies a long-time spiritual wrong...
Anne Minard
The pipe has been laid to carry treated sewage from Flagstaff to the sacred San Francisco Peaks – but the Hopi Tribe has issued another challenge to keep the first flake from hitti...
Anne Minard
As politicians jockey for position in upcoming Arizona elections, some Arizona tribes are still reeling from a thorny battle over water rights – and they’re hoping the candidates w...
Anne Minard
With Arizona poised to help decide the partisan balance in the U.S. Senate, competition in the state’s race is fierce...
Anne Minard
The Hopi Tribal Council voted to adopt a new criminal code on August 28, thereby scrapping a 1970s version that all but failed to punish sex crimes and limited tribal prosecutors t...
Diego James Robles

Dozens of people crowded together in unorganized makeshift lines to see 20-year-old Christine Talayumptewa after the

A group of Hopi elders has added their voices against the Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Act of 2012...
Jack McNeel
Tribes across the country are looking more and more to cultural tourism not only to generate revenue, but also to educate others about Native dance, songs, language, arts and craft...
Anne Minard
The Navajo Nation shot down a settlement agreement this week that would have settled long-standing claims to water in the Little Colorado River, a tributary to the Colorado River...