Suzette Brewer
Today the California Supreme Court denied a petition to reconsider a state appellate court ruling in the case of a 6-year-old Choctaw Nation tribal member who was returned to her r...
The Native American Journalists Association addresses deficient coverage of the child-welfare case involving Choctaw family; will create a guide for reporters covering the Indian C...
Choctaw Nation
A custody case over a 6-year-old Choctaw girl named Lexi that has been going on nearly five years has been settled after three separate court battles...
A number of media outlets recently reported on the placement of an American Indian child named Lexi with her relatives in Utah, instead of remaining in foster care in California...
Suzette Brewer
On Monday, March 21, pandemonium broke out in Santa Clarita, California, at the home of foster couple Summer and Russell Page as social workers from the Department of Children and ...
ICWA Clients Attorneys
Suzette Brewer
Citing a “fundamental lack of competence,” a federal judge on Friday, February 19 denied South Dakota’s motion to reconsider an earlier decision, which found the state violated the...
Tanya H. Lee
Important developments are expected in Indian country in 2016...
The New Boarding Schools Cover Crop
Lakota People’s Law Project
Following the Lakota People’s Law Project’s comprehensive study demonstrating widespread corruption in South Dakota’s state government, the Department of Justice filed a civil righ...
Timothy Davis

Race is ugly business. The business of race can be seen in the higher rates of incarceration of black Americans. It is in the higher rates black Americans and Native Americans are killed by law enforcement....

Vincent Schilling
Investigative journalist Suzette Brewer (Cherokee Nation) brought great honor to Indian Country Today Media Network when she received the 2015 NAJA Richard LaCourse/Gannett Foundat...