U.S. Sen. John McCain talks with elected Navajo leaders Friday. Pictured, from left, are McCain, Navajo President Russell Begaye, Vice President Jonathan Nez and Council Speaker LoRenzo Bates.
Alysa Landry
U.S. Senator John McCain made some hefty promises Friday when he met with Navajo leaders during a roundtable discussion in St. Michaels, Arizona...
Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliage, Navajo, represents San Juan County in the New Mexico Legislature. She is one of at least fourteen Republican Native Americans who are running for state or federal office this year.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —A question I am often asked: Are American Indians and Alaska Natives only Democrats? Of course not...
Jon Eagle Sr.

Long ago our ancestors knew the Cannon Ball River as Inyan Wakan Kagapi Wakpa, "River where the sacred stones are made," and they knew the Missouri River as Mni Sose, "Turbulant Water." At the confluence of where those two rivers met was a great whirlpool that created perfectly round stones that...

Dr. Dean Chavers
As of 1969, Congress had passed 5,000 laws for Indians...
A recent Newsweek feature begins with a well-known Indian country adage, “Don’t get sick after June.” This is because by then the under-funded Indian Health Service has run out of ...
Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
On the back deck of the Yurok Tribe’s Weitchpec Office, flames jumped through a metal grate to lick the sizzling burger patties being grilled for the June 17 community meeting...
Tanya H. Lee
Paula Hawks is a Democratic representative in the South Dakota state legislature. She is challenging incumbent Rep. Kristi Noem for South Dakota’s at-large seat in the U.S...
Tanya H. Lee
A medical revolution that began in Indian country is spreading across the U.S., from Oregon to Vermont, and tens of millions of lives will be better for it...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —Every once in a while an idea is floated that’s so bad, you wonder, “what were they thinking?” Or smoking? Today is such a day...