Duane Champagne
Do indigenous nations want to reorganize nation states? In general, the answer to this question is no. Then what is the relation between tribes and nation states?...
Cherokee Nation Capitol Restoration
Duane Champagne
American Indians and other Indigenous Peoples are often classified as living within culture zones...
Native American Studies Department Montana State University
Duane Champagne
One of the rules observed by indigenous nations is that land is mutually recognized and respected...
Joshuah Marshall Volunteer AIDS Booth Peace Corps
Joshuah Marshall
When asked why I joined the Peace Corps , I don’t really have a great answer...

Face-painting is a tradition that goes all the way back to

Mary Kim Titla
The idea that indigenous tribes of Taiwan might benefit from the creation of youth councils led to an amazing overseas exchange between six Native American youth leaders and two ch...
Cliff Matias
Traditional hula dancers from across Hawaii and the U.S. mainland are preparing for the largest Hawaiian dance competition in the world...
Duane Champagne
Indigenous individuals and nations are faced with choices about identity, change and cultural continuity...
Duane Champagne
Mestizo. Métis . Mixed bloods. Though clearly different, all these terms are used to racially classify people with Indian ancestry...
Dina Gilio
It’s a cool, almost windless gray summer day as a fleet of unusual looking sailboats slowly enters the Dana Point Harbor...