AP Nahuatl Incense Procession Basilica of Guadalupe
Duane Champagne
Tribal communities are usually defined by unique family and kinship relations. Tribal community is an arrangement of kinship and relations among kinship groups...
James Tom Deer Hide Stillwater Gazette
Alicia Lebens/Stillwater Gazette
The scars of war run deep for Oak Park Heights, Minnesota resident James Tom , the type of scars that can’t be seen at first glance...
Dominique Godrèche
Samia Maldonado a Kichwa psychologist turned filmmaker from Otavalo, Ecuador was in Paris to present her documentary Mindalae during the Geneva film festival— Filmar por Latin Amer...
Duane Champagne
A great strength among indigenous peoples is their continued commitment to their cultures, values, and ways of life...