Chelsey Luger
"I discovered that a person can or will die of loneliness if he or she is removed from his or her land.....
Steve Russell

The world is afflicted by the Abrahamic faiths---monotheistic patriarchal desert cults....

Angkor Wat
Steve Russell
There’s a “list website” called The Daily Eight ...
A workplace beheading in Moore, Oklahoma is sending shockwaves through the country in the wake of videotaped beheadings by Islamic State militants, although police say it does not ...
Steve Russell

Because traditional Cherokee people taught me a profound insight that I’ve claimed for my own, “the spirit world takes care of its own business,” I understand arguments about religion to be for amusement only....

Steve Russell

It is we sinful women

who come out raising the banner of truth

up against barricades of lies on the highways

who find stories of persecution piled on each threshold...

Harsha Walia

The Oak Creek Gurudwara is my brother’s and frequently my parents' sangat. Over the years, they have described to me how, with deep love and commitment, the community came together to build the Gurudwara....