Kennewick Man Clay Model
Terri Hansen
Legislation proposed by Sen...
Kennewick Man Clay Model
Duane Champagne
The Ancient One, known to archaeologists and the public as Kennewick Man, has been the focus of controversy between archaeologists and American Indian tribes...
Kennewick Man Clay Model
In a letter sent to the U.S...
Kevin Taylor
Final analysis of 9,000-year-old ancient DNA published June 18 shows The Ancient One is indeed an ancestor of present day Native Americans—as Indians have said all along...
Arvind Suresh
Until the advent of genetic genealogy, knowing your ancestry meant combing through old records, decoding the meaning of family heirlooms and listening to your parents and grandpare...
Reconstructed Naia
Alex Ewen
The remains of “Naia,” the human skeleton found off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, has been reconstructed by artists to provide a hypothetical image of what she look...
Alex Ewen
The discovery and scientific examination of one of the oldest human remains found in the Americas confirms what Native people have known all along, that they are the original inhab...
Alex Jacobs

Kennewick Man fades back into history. For a time this dead Indian had a team of lawyers to sort out the claims that scientists and tribes had on the K-Man....

Alex Ewen
Over the past few weeks, new scientific discoveries have rekindled the debate over the Bering Strait Theory. Two of the discoveries were covered recently in Indian Country Today ...