Ashton Locklear, Lumbee, is headed to the Summer Olympics in Rio.

Ashton Locklear competes on the balance beam during the women's U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials in San Jose, Calif., Friday, July 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
Richard Walker
Ashton Locklear, Lumbee, is going to the Summer Olympics in Rio...
Lisa Huggins Oxendine UNC Chapel Hill
UNC Chapel Hill
Lisa Huggins Oxendine graduated the University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Gillings School Of Global Public Health’s Executive Doctoral Program in Health Leadership in December 2...
Alysa Landry
Fourteen-year-old Vincea Locklear has been a fighter since day one. Born three months early, Vincea was not expected to survive...
“When applying to graduate or professional school, how many students can say they’ve done scientific research at zero Gs?” said Dr...
The story of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is one of the most compelling and unique in higher education. University historian Lawrence T...
Dennis Zotigh
The following was originally posted on July 3, 2013 by the National Museum of American Indian and has been updated with more readers’ comments and descriptions...
Tim Moore

While many officials have fully embraced the job-creating gaming operations of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, some other officials have expressed opposition to the Catawba Indian Nation’s proposal to create another 4,000 gaming-related jobs in Cleveland County....

Ed Rice

The stated mission of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, in Cooperstown, New York, is “to preserve history, honor excellence and connect generations.” It fails on all three counts where Native American players and history are concerned....

Halie Geller

Native Americans have been using eagle feathers and other parts in their religious and ceremonial practices since “time immemorial.” However, as the federal government passed laws and regulations and entered into treaties to protect the eagle and migratory bird populations, Native Americans have...