Marcus Amerman beaded work in Sports Illustrated - courtesy photo
Alex Jacobs
Marcus Amerman (Choctaw-Hopi), featured many times in Indian Country Today and other publications as one of the top bead workers in Native American art and design, has again hit th...
Alex Jacobs
Chemehuevi photographer Cara Romero took on a daunting task with a recent project: Shoot 13 of Santa Fe's leading Native artists in a tableau based on Leonardo da Vinci's painting ...

On October 13, United States Artists announced the lineup of

The day after President Barack Obama's re-election victory , his supporters are taking to social media with positive images -- and it's our experience (your mileage may vary) that ...
Suzan Shown Harjo

"Our Visions” was a historic gathering of 100 Native writers, artists and wisdomkeepers at Taos Pueblo and sponsored by The Morning Star Institute and The 1992 Alliance....