Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —My Facebook feed is rolling with new feeds from those headed to North Dakota to join those protecting the drinking water for the people of Standing Rock and Cheyen...
NativeVote2016, clockwise from top left: North Carolina Senate candidate Laurel Deegan-Fricke is running in the capital city of Raleigh; Wenona Benally, candidate for Arizona House of Representatives in District 7; and Rep. Peggy Flanagan represents Minne
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —There is a hundred dollars-a-plate fundraiser planned on August 21 for Laurel Deegan-Fricke ...
Chilah Brown is the Democratic-Farmer-Labor nominee for Senate District 15 in Minnesota.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —Results from Tuesday’s primary election in Minnesota and Wisconsin...
JR LaPlante is a candidate for the House in South Dakota’s District 14.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —I have been writing a lot about numbers, lately. My latest count is seven Native American candidates for Congress, one for the U.S...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —It’s time for the Republican Party and its soon-to-be nominee Donald J. Trump making their best case for winning the White House and Congress...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —First the news: Montana Democrats hired Amy Croover as director of the Native Vote program...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —Make no mistake: The 2016 election is not routine. If you want proof, look no further than the weekend encampment at the Arlee Celebration...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —The only two members of Congress who are Native American both survived their primary challenges last week. Oklahoma Rep...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —In the news business, this would be a man bites dog story. That’s the idea that a narrative framework is the opposite of what’s supposed to be...
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS — It’s easy to dismiss this election. Every day there’s more news about something outrageous that was said by a presidential candidate. Grab the remote. Click...