The bison is beloved for a reason. Many reasons, in fact. They have sustained us. We have ached at their persecution. And we have watched them come back, ever so slowly...
Christina Rose
From Sweden to Germany, and 6,000 miles around the United States in just the last few months, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Minnecoujou Lakota, host of First Voices Indigenous Radio (FVIR) ...
Christina Rose
Values and integrity have always been respected by traditional Native peoples, but when colonization forced its way onto this land, dishonesty and treachery took a terrible toll...
Michael Meuers
Author’s Note: What follows is, what is believed to be, the last "public" teaching of Chi-Ma'iingan...
Mary Annette Pember
Walking through the city in the rain while carrying a copper bucket of water and an eagle feather was not how I had planned to celebrate Mother’s Day...
Gale Courey Toensing
At an Earth Day event at the United Nations, Tonya Gonnella Frichner, a celebrated advocate for Indigenous Peoples human rights in the international arena, gave a passionate speech...
The Internal Revenue Service may be preparing to bleed some of us on Tax Day, but that’s no match for what Earth has in store for its little sibling. At about 2 a.m...
Dave Courchene

We, the First Peoples, are the roots of this land. As the original free and independent nations of Turtle Island, we honour our sacred traditions, which were given to us by our Great Creator. We recognize that our first step must be to show our appreciation and gratitude towards Meymeynosh—the Earth herself. Being the roots of this land comes with the responsibility of leadership in educating our children.

When we truly reflect on the present education system as it is delivered to the youth, we must return to the original intent of education itself—and see that we have failed our children in providing the best education possible.

We pride ourselves in that we live in an advanced society because of our education system, yet we have not been able to find more peaceful resolutions to our differences, and we continue to challenge nature’s authority.

In the English dictionary, education is defined as “to develop [a child] mentally, morally or aesthetically, especially by instruction.”

The education system has failed First Nations people because it does not tell the truth of the history of our people. It does not share the stories of the roots of the original people of this land who have a knowledge and understanding, particularly in how to have a respectful relationship with Meymeynosh herself.

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Temperatures have plummeted throughout much of Turtle Island, and indeed, in Manitoba, Canada, it’s as cold as parts of Mars. We’ve never been farther from the sun. Or have we?...
Vincent Schilling
Most of his followers knew him as Metchitoweweyin or @Harv_Durocher on Twitter, but his formal name was Harvey Durocher...