Obama Changes Mountain’s Name back to Denali but Approves Deep Sea Drilling?
Gyasi Ross
Two weeks after the Obama administration granted Royal Dutch Shell permission to resume drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean for the first time since 2012; President Obama ...
Beloved Native actor and director Randy Mantooth has recently announced he is Battling Cancer
Vincent Schilling
Beloved Native actor and director Randy Mantooth, well-known for his role as the handsome long brown-haired paramedic on Emergency!...
CNAY’s map, which is available online, includes a list of nationwide programs, services and Native Youth contacts in support of the Obama Administration’s GEN-I initiative to improve the lives of Native Youth in Indian Country.
Vincent Schilling
Last week, the Washington D.C...
The Native Trailblazers Online Radio Program on BlogTalkRadio
The Native Trailblazers Radio Show has announced a final call for voting for their 2015 Fifth Annual June Jamz Native Indie Artist People’s Choice Awards...
Sheena Louise Roetman
A homeless Native American man remains in intensive care for serious burns he sustained after an Albuquerque, New Mexico, couple allegedly tossed lighted fireworks on him as he sle...
Amanda Blackhorse
Recently I submitted an article of interviews with six prominent Native people throughout the nation on the subject of naming...
Simon Moya-Smith
Representations of Native Americans in news media have evolved very little since the first newspaper was published in the American colonies in Boston, Massachusetts on September 25...
Summer love isn’t just a thing. It’s the thing...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
Gas stations, convenience stores, and travel stops are frequented by virtually everyone. We peruse the aisles looking for anything from refreshments, to motor oil...
Simon Moya-Smith
When the Lancaster School District in upstate New York retired its controversial Native American mascot in March, the question, then, became: what is the new mascot going to be?...