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Jason Morgan Edwards
The Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (formerly Albuquerque Film and Media Experience) has become a power player on the entertainment scene, particularly as a showcase for Nati...
Rick Kearns
Depictions of Native people in Hollywood have been as racist as what was and is happening in the U.S...
Christina Rose
Blowing up the movie screens in three films this summer, acclaimed actor Wes Studi can now be seen in “Road to Paloma,” a drama that revolves around violence against Native women...
Christina Rose
This Date in Native History: It was 23 years ago, on November 4, 1990, that the film Dances with Wolves debuted to unexpected success beginning a new era of films featuring Natives...
It's not unusual for a working actor to have three films awaiting release, but Misty Upham, Blackfeet, finds herself in a rare position for any young Hollywood thespian...