Industrial Boarding School Puyallup Reservation
Richard Walker
“If it be admitted that education affords the true solution to the Indian problem, then it must be admitted that the boarding school is the very key to the situation,” Indian Schoo...
Natives at Dartmouth IPD Signs
Jacqueline Keeler
Once again Dartmouth College, home of the Ivy League’s largest Native American student program was in the news in a negative light...
sunrise Ceremony Aztec Dancer
Nanette Deetz
A Sunrise Ceremony was held on Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Alcatraz Island to celebrate “523 years of indigenous resistance, honor our ancestors and future generations,” according t...
Alaska Indigenous Peoples Day Lt Governor Bryan Mallott
This October 12 was momentous in Alaska, both Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Alaska Gov...
Tanya H. Lee
From the Northern Plains to the Southwestern deserts, American Indian groups are working to correct historic falsehoods and demanding acknowledgement of what the “discovery” of thi...
Oregon Pioneer Uniform Lewis Clark Duck
David G. Lewis
The “Oregon Pioneer” uniforms are being rolled out for the University of Oregon football game against Washington State University October 10...
Kinzua Dam Wikipedia
Christina Rose
By the mid 1960s, Congress had gone dam crazy. Dams had been built all along the Missouri River and elsewhere throughout the country, and many of them were built on treaty land...
Kamaka Family Portrait
Alysa Landry
The soundtrack to many a Hawaiian daydream includes the soothing tropical strum of a ukulele...
Wounded Knee Frizzell Indians
Joan Tavares Avant
As Peace Makers in tribal court, it is ultimately important to follow the spirit of our ancestor’s footsteps by using the Talking Stick or Talking Feather for better understanding ...
Golden Berries
Steve Russell
I think I’m in love with another reputed love food...