In Monument Valley, Utah, the Internet is not a ubiquitous tool for most members of the Navajo Nation.

Jacqueline Keeler
On Tuesday, after Labor Day weekend, my children went back to school. The week before, I had taken my son to the barber to get a haircut—but it was his choice...
Alysa Landry
A white teepee rises above the ground at New Mexico’s Bosque Redondo Memorial at Fort Sumner...
Faustino Trejo

Election season is again upon us, my fellow Navajo citizens and relatives, and the attention of a young nation is focused on the rhetoric and qualms of various leaders who upon election will seek to lead us in whatever fashion they deem as progressive....

Alysa Landry
Nineteen-year-old April Yazza wants to spend the next 12 months encouraging Native women to take care of their joints...
Ronald R. Cooper, Comanche, will be embarking on a 535-mile journey this September—the same journey the Navajos were forced to take in the 1860s...
Leaving the reservation for college can be difficult for Native American youth...


This week’s Big Picture features a tapestry that combines American Indian and LEGO brick art.

Lyla June Johnston
As a half European and half Navajo woman, I had a difficult time watching the two sides of my ancestry divided...

Starting May 20, a wildfire blazed in the heart of Arizona between tourist lures Sedona and Flagstaff, engulfing more