Danielle Hansen Mitchell
She’s only 15 years old, yet Kateri Daw, Navajo (Diné) has found her passion...
Emily Earring Stronghold Skate Park Bowl
Taté Walker
It’s here at the Denver Skate Park that 14-year-old Emily Earring finally landed a frontside air during her run in an all-girl event hosted by the Stronghold Society’s One Gatherin...
iStock Youth Help Suicide Depression
Tanya H. Lee
Members of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs expressed frustration during its June 24 oversight hearing “ Demanding Results to End Native Youth Suicide .” Committee Chairman J...
iStock Youth Help Suicide Depression
Alysa Landry
Five suicides in the past two months have shaken the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation...
Vincent Schilling
An indigenous student has written an open letter to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign administrators and all indigenous and Native peoples of the world saying she wants to...
Stephanie Woodard
A new legal paper on racial disparities in juvenile justice is laced with searing narratives of wrongs suffered by Native schoolchildren on Montana’s remote and windswept reservati...
Chris Wood, TheTyee.ca
[Editor’s Note: Often passed, seldom visited by outsiders, British Columbia’s Central Coast is home to the continent’s longest-settled places and most enduring peoples...
Heather Steinberger
It was an exciting year for Jennifer Jessum and Simon Joseph, the creative minds behind the award-winning documentary film “Holy Man.” Their 2011 film, which told the story of inca...
Christina Rose
Teen suicide has been a major topic of concern for many reservations, but in Rapid City, South Dakota, an exhibition of photographs, taken by elementary and middle school students ...