Sarah Deer

While we wait for Congress to do the right thing and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, there are important things that tribal leaders can do right now to protect Nat...

Duane Champagne
Stay or go? When it comes to Indian tribes and the United States, the answer has almost always been the former. And for that, there are many reasons. When the U.S...
Carol Craig
An 18-minute black-and-white film, “The Last Salmon Feast of the Celilo Indians,” was produced by the Oregon Historical Society in the late 1950s to document the final fish ceremon...
Jack McNeel

Spokane, Washington—The

Jack McNeel
The theater was nearly packed at last month's pre-completion premiere of the film Horse Tribe , in Moscow, Idaho on the homeland of the Nez Perce Tribe...
Gabriel S. Galanda

To quote an headline: “Interior’s land consolidation plan is a disaster.” The Department of the Interior’s proposal to spend $1.9 billion in taxpayer dollars authorized by the Cobell settlement focuses myopically on effecting consolidation through tribal government land acqu...

Chuck Trimble

The Northwest Tribes have produced some of history’s greatest leaders, most notably Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. In modern times the most important leader ever to come out of the Northwest in Indian Affairs was Joseph R....

Julia Keefe, Nez Perce, a jazz vocalist whose "Open Letter to the Neshui Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame" was published on this site today, has another something happening today: She is ...
Julia Keefe

Dear Mr. Wynton Marsalis and fellow Selection Committee Members:...

Washington State University
The most-used archive in the Washington State University Libraries is a collection of books, manuscripts, photos and artifacts from Nez Perce, Yakama and other Columbia Plateau Ind...