Richard Walker
The message was an old one, more than seven generations old and seven generations times seven before that, and it was being reaffirmed by Carson Bobb, 8, dancing to his family’s so...
Fun and life skills are the goal of Jim Warne's Warrior Society Developmental Youth Football Camp. (Jim Windle)
Rodney Harwood
Jim Warne’s Oglala Lakota people have always been nomadic...
CNAY’s map, which is available online, includes a list of nationwide programs, services and Native Youth contacts in support of the Obama Administration’s GEN-I initiative to improve the lives of Native Youth in Indian Country.
Vincent Schilling
Last week, the Washington D.C...
T. Lulani Arquette

The 1960s had a great impact on me....

Red Cloud Peace Pipe LOC
Born in 1822, Red Cloud was an Oglala Lakota war leader, chief and worthy opponent against the United States Army...
Simon Moya-Smith
Oglala Lakota president John Yellow Bird Steele told a group of New Age spiritualists who plan to gather in the Black Hills that as long as they respect the sacred site, including ...
Simon Moya-Smith
At least 425 military men have been awarded the prestigious Congressional Medal of Honor for fighting or killing Native Americans, according to the U.S...
Simon Moya-Smith
Conservative blogger Ellie Reynolds claims to be Oglala Lakota...
Crystal Echo Hawk

As a dual citizen of the U.S. and the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma, and a nonprofit professional for more than 18 years, my work is to challenge my colleagues in philanthropy to examine implicit racial bias within our sector....

Simon Moya-Smith
The White House on Tuesday will honor two Native Americans who are working to inspire youth currently in the throes of the foster care system...