Annie Murphy
Peru’s economy has been thriving for the past decade, with growth reaching an estimated nine percent last year...
Renzo Pipoli
Members of the Awajun Tribe, living in the northern Peruvian border with Ecuador were retaining as of Tuesday morning as many as eight people still unidentified who were caught cam...
David Dudenhoefer
The BBC footage shot last year from a small plane over the rain forest of western Brazil resembles a scene from Avatar ...
Renzo Pipoli
Confrontations between a group of some 1,200 police who had been deployed to try to contain growing popular unrest and some 4,000 farmers who opposed a copper mine project left thr...
There are an estimated 15 uncontacted indigenous tribes in Peru, all of which are being threatened by illegal logging that is rampant throughout the Peru-Brazil border...
Renzo Pipoli
News broke this week that three high-ranking Peruvian police and army generals were given suspended prison sentences and fined by a military court, the result of findings that they...
Renzo Pipoli
Peru Environment Minister Antonio Brack is countering charges by the indigenous advocacy group Survival International that Peru President Alan Garcia failed to act after detecting ...
Renzo Pipoli
Peru made its boldest move ever against illegal gold mining in mid-February by sending 1,500 troops in a combined army-police -navy operative aimed at destroying dredges but had to...
Sara Shahriari
Our crack reporter down in Bolivia took these stunning photos of her trek along the Salkantay Trail in Peru. Enjoy!
Dale Carson
Dale Carson Each year, the universal commercial time for expressing love comes in mid-February—a “holiday” many people treat as an excuse to indulge in a time-honored Native Americ...