Simon Moya-Smith
A common question on the lips of Native Americans today is: why isn’t mainstream media reporting on the onslaught of police brutality in Indian country?...
Sheena Louise Roetman
Editor's Note: Indian Country Today is continuing to pursue the facts in the death of Rexdale W...
Mashpee Nine Documentary People
In anticipation of the 40 th anniversary of the police raid on a group of Native American drummers, the documentary “Mashpee Nine: The Beat Goes On” will be filmed this summer...
Mark Rogers

An interesting question was posed to me in light of the recent injustice and unrest in Baltimore. The question: is Baltimore or life in Baltimore, comparable to an Indian reservation?...

Brandon Ecoffey

Late last week the South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigation released the findings of its investigation into the shooting death of Allan Locke on December 20, 2014, in the Lakota Homes neighborhood of Rapid City, South Dakota....

Marlee Kanosh Rally
Christina Rose
A recent Department of Justice report announced that as a percentage of the population, Natives are more likely than any other race to be shot by police...
Alex Jacobs

Is this country headed toward becoming a police state? Some will tell you we’ve been on that road since 9/11, and maybe since the imperial presidencies of Nixon and Reagan....

Police Traffic Stop
Christina Rose
Videos circulating the Internet show regular, unthreatening people of color calmly asking why a police officer is arresting them...
Ithaca College Protests
“Silence has never saved anybody,” one of the Ithaca College protesters announces before the group marches through campus to protest police brutality...
John Kane

Now that the NYPD has literally been caught on video choking a man to death for defying the most oppressive taxation scheme in the United States and then exonerated itself of any wrong doing, it's time to make a few things clear....