Bayard Johnson
In 1992, Russell Means came to Hollywood with his first movie role in Last of the Mohicans ...
Steven Newcomb

On September 22, Pope Francis’ jet touched down in the traditional territory of the Piskataway Nation (Washington, D.C.). From there he traveled to the traditional territory of the Lenape Nation (New York City and Philadelphia)....

Torivio A. Fodder

It evokes little controversy to say that history was made on Pope Francis's first visit to the United States. In addition to becoming the first Pope to address Congress, Pope Francis also took the occasion to mark the first canonization of a saint on U.S. soil, lately St....

Sheena Louise Roetman
Indian Country Today Media Network recently sat down with Chase Iron Eyes, community activist and attorney from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, to talk about a...
Alex Jacobs

The Pope came to the New World but his spin doctors say he doesn’t have to rescind those outdated, lethal and racist Papal Bulls that led to the enslavement of New World inhabitants, since all subsequent Papal Bulls rescinded the previous ones....

Steve Russell
Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) boycotted Pope Frank’s speech because he was afraid the Holy Father might misguidedly claim that the earth is warming...
Carmel Mission Serra statue Toppled
Nanette Deetz
The recent desecration to a statue of Junipero Serra that stands at Mission Carmel is extremely troubling to Louise Miranda Ramirez, Tribal Chairwoman of the Ohlone/Costanoan-Essel...
Carmel Mission Serra statue Toppled
Four days after Pope Francis went through with the canonization of Junipero Serra—despite protests from numerous Native American groups—a statue of Serra and some gravesites were v...
Steven Newcomb

During his address to the U.S. Congress on September 24, Pope Francis alluded to the collision between the colonizing nations of Christendom and our original nations and peoples of this continent....

Serra Is No Saint Group Mission Delores
Nanette Deetz
While Pope Francis was proclaiming Junipero Serra a Saint in Washington, D.C., California Indians continued their protest in the form of a prayer ceremony in opposition to this dec...