Tanya H. Lee
The White House has two priorities for today’s Tribal Nations Conference: to continue to remove the barriers to Native American young people’s success and to solidify the gains tha...
Tara Houska
Over the past 35 years, Native American advocacy has resulted in the eradication of 2/3 of Native-themed mascots from schools across America...
California Teens Education Field Trip
Tanya H. Lee
The White House released an update on President Obama’s overarching initiative to improve conditions for youth in Indian country...
Alysa Landry
Navajo President Russell Begaye is calling for less talk and more action when it comes to rehabilitation of the former Bennett Freeze...
Steve Russell
Joshua L. Wheeler, 39-year-old Cherokee warrior, is the latest American lost in the fog of the second Iraq war, which is supposed to have ended. President George W...
Kenaitze Elders Kids Making Ornaments
Alysa Landry
When a 74-foot Lutz spruce begins its 4,000-mile journey this month from Alaska’s Chugach National Forest to Washington, D.C., it will include thousands of handmade ornaments desig...
Mark Trahant
So what is going on with Congress? One Speaker of the House retires. Another says he’s in — until he’s out. And it’s hard to keep track of what all this means for Indian country...
NTU Bachelor of Applied Science Embrace
Tanya H. Lee
Congress has taken up President Barack Obama’s call to make community college free and available to everyone by introducing legislation that would have the federal government pay 7...
Bristol Bay and its surrounding region, long known for its spectacular salmon run as well as residents’ fight to stave off mining, is profiled in a stunning video housed at the sit...
iStock College Graduates Selfie
Tanya H. Lee
Finding the right college got a lot easier earlier this month when the U.S...