Turk Cobell accepts the Presidential Medal of Freedom in honor of his mother Elouise Cobell from President Obama. - WH.gov
Renae Ditmer
Sitting soberly amongst a recognizable all-star cast of Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, Turk Cobell perched quietly on the edge of his chair waiting to receive his mother...
President Obama - WHTNC 2016 - Photo: Vincent Schilling
Vincent Schilling
In the history of politics and Indian country, more than several politicians have come up short in delivering on campaign promises...
Cedar Hat for Obama - Photo: Alex Hamer
Vincent Schilling
As President Barack Obama took the stage at the 8th Annual White House Tribal Nations Conference (WHTNC) National Congress of American Indians President Brian Cladoosby broke the a...
Vincent Schilling
Today, the White House convenes its first United State of Women Summit...
Vincent Schilling
After an armed gunman wielding an assault rifle and handgun opened fire at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 50 people and injuring 53, the Two Spirit and LGBTQ comm...
Vincent Schilling
President Obama announced this morning in the Rose Garden of the White House that his nominee to fill the seat on the Supreme Court vacated by the death of Antonin Scalia is Merric...
Vincent Schilling
Several hundred invited guests to the South White House lawn watched today as President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama welcomed the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ...
Gyasi Ross
President Obama, I hope you are well; congratulations on your imminent retirement. The Supreme Court has a job opening; it is in dire need of a certain kind of wisdom...
Vincent Schilling
When President Obama announced last Friday that several individuals would be appointed to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education (NACIE), few realized that at just 17 ye...
Vincent Schilling
We generally have a joke or two for your weekly Native humor funny bone, but this very special photograph of President Obama is a genuine Native Humor moment...