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Simon Moya-Smith
No, this is not another story about the Bering Strait Theory and those right-winged nut jobs who claim Native Americans are immigrants...
Steve Russell
July 12 will be the second annual Malala Day , so declared by the United Nations on Malala Yousafzai’s 16 th birthday last year...
An oil conglomerate seeking to expand its pipeline through pristine First Nations territory in British Columbia has taken the notion of looking on the bright side to a new level...
Steve Russell
“Is climate change real?” The candidates, all Republicans running for governor of North Carolina, agreed it was easy: “No.” North Carolina is the home of the Research Triangle, a h...
Jacqueline Keeler

Monday morning I looked at my Twitter (@jfkeeler) Interactions list and I was surprised to see that Jake Tapper, CNN anchor had answered an obnoxious response to my tweet “Why Indian Mascots Need to End in a Picture” featuring a photogra...

Winona LaDuke

We just saw some $6 billion spent on the most expensive election in history. It’s a couple of weeks later, and I think I’ve recovered from the drama and excitement....