Anders Breivik
Steve Russell
In recognition of the 20th anniversary of Stormfront , the foremost purveyor of racist ideology on the World Wide Web, here is a brief and by no means complete list of the violence...
Simon Moya-Smith
It’s only been three weeks since the Lancaster School Board in upstate New York voted unanimously to retire its Native American moniker and mascot – the ‘Redskins.' But a week befo...
David Duke Don Black
Steve Russell
This year marks the 20 th anniversary of Stormfront , the home of white supremacy on the World Wide Web...
Amanda Blackhorse
The Washington team is not the only professional sports franchise to feel the pressure of Native Americans and allies who seek to eliminate Native American mascots from professiona...
Evie Ruddy, Briarpatch Magazine
Editor’s Note: Last month a jury acquitted a man accused of murdering an indigenous sex worker in an Edmonton hotel room, despite the four-inch-long laceration inside her vagina th...
Dennis G. Chappabitty

I engaged in a pitched, life-and-death, brutal, bloody battle with four racist young white men on a lonely dark rural road in Creek County, Oklahoma in 1971. I was a 22-year-old college student and a citizen of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma....

Simon Moya-Smith
A shop clerk's response to a Native American woman protesting the sale of culturally appropriated items has drawn caustic debate online...
Stephanie Woodard
“Thank God for Judge Gonzales Rogers,” said Blackfeet tribal member Lita Pepion, who sits on the board of Indian People’s Action...
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Alysa Landry
A controversial decision to close an academic center for poverty research in North Carolina has Natives questioning whether the move was politically—or racially—motivated...
Onondaga Nation
The Nation regards the depiction of natives as mascots defamatory to our people...