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Nick Estes
At the entrance to “the heart of all that is” to the Oceti Sakowin—He Sapa (or the Black Hills), Rapid City’s Native population lives in poverty at rates higher than many reservati...
Despite efforts by the U.S. government to exterminate the bison as a way to exterminate the Indian, the bison persists, if fragily...
Joseph Valandra

I read with great interest the opinion piece written by Lise Balk King entitled, "Vern Traversie and the Worst Place ...

Lise Balk King

In western South Dakota, it’s all about perception. If you are Indian, or appear to be Indian, you are routinely judged by the color of your skin regarding the content of your character. If you are white, there is also a set of assumptions made by those standing on the other side....

On the afternoon of August 2, a Rapid City, South Dakota police officer on a bicycle made a "routine stop" at a bus station related to an underage drinking complaint, Native Sun Ne...