Dedication Statue Shaynowishkung Chief Bemidji
Tanya H. Lee
A grassroots movement led by people in the town of Bemidji, Minnesota, and their neighbors both on and off nearby reservations have set out to find a path to reconciliation between...
1993 Clinton Apology
Tanya H. Lee
The people in Bemidji, Minnesota are on a path to reconciliation between whites and American Indians...
As Indigenous Peoples in Canada marked the sixth anniversary of the historic apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the country’s residential schools program, aboriginal lea...
Cherokee Nation Technologies is beginning its work with the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians' Office of Historical Trust Accounting (OHTA) to provide research and...
Stephanie Woodard
Applause broke out in St. Paul, Minnesota, city council chambers January 9 as the group approved a strongly-worded resolution recognizing the 150th anniversary of the Dakota-U.S...
Mark Charles

Reconciliation is never easy, which is why it doesn't happen very often. Reconciliation is not something that can be checked off of a list. It is not a single event encapsulated in a moment of time. Reconciliation begins with a conversation and ends with a relationship restored....