Rodney Harwood
The Hopi Nation has always known how to walk in harmony and run with pride. Where other Native Americans dance or celebrate in ceremony for the good of the people, the Hopi run...
Navajo Iconic Monument Valley
The land of the Navajo people is described as a “haven of unparalleled beauty” in a press release, and it’s a destination for tourists and the film industry...
Lee Allen
If bread is our staff of life, then water is our lifeblood...
Fort Robinson Runners Lame Deer
Jesse A. Short Bull
The seven-day, 400-mile journey across four states began on January 9 in Nebraska...
Fort Robinson Two Runners Pine Ridge
Jesse A. Short Bull
It was nearing 10:30 p.m. on January 9 as nearly 85 Northern Cheyenne runners crowded around a doorway inside the barracks at Fort Robinson, near Crawford, Nebraska...
Tanner Peltier
Alysa Landry
Seventeen-year-old Tanner Peltier ran 400 miles over the summer and wore out two pairs of shoes. Yet Peltier, Turtle Mountain Chippewa, still has a lot of running ahead of him...

Team One Spirit, also known as the Lakota Five, returned to the New York City marathon on November 2 with one goal: T

Jordan Marie D., is an avid runner from the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in South Dakota, and like so many athletes in Indian country she found great inspiration in the story of Olympic...
Mary Kim Titla
As my feet hit the pavement mile after mile in Phoenix, Scottsdale and then Tempe, Arizona last month while running the P.F...
Michael Meuers
On the surface it kind of looked like a particular sort of marathon, longer than most at 322K (200 mile) and with mostly Indian participants, but it was oh so much more...