An Indian Market goer uses red and green lens glasses to look at 3D Indian art  by Ndn artist Ishkoten Dougi - Photo: Jason Asenap
Jason Asenap
The 95th Santa Fe Indian Market has passed and the awards have been given ...
Silver work by Cody Sanderson (Navajo) - Photo: Harlan McKosato
Harlan McKosato
Celebrated as the largest and most prestigious inter-tribal fine art market in the world, the Santa Fe Indian Market - with over 1,000 of the best Native artists, craftspersons, an...
Vincent Schilling
The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) -- the non-profit organization that produces the Santa Fe Indian Market -- has announced this year’s Indian Market artist fello...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
The depth and breadth of talents in Indian country will keep you entertained all year long, and inspired for the rest of your life. Here are seven must-experience events. 1...
Jason Morgan Edwards
The southwest is a vibrant breeding-ground for Native talent. A newly emerging source for musicians is the Native Guitars Tour...
Suzan Shown Harjo
FAME – Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team for winning the silver medal in the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship Games...
iStock New Mexico Land of Enchantment
Tanya H. Lee
New Mexico abounds in riches—19 pueblos and parts of the Navajo Nation occupy this land, its red rock mesas and bright blue skies are unparalleled, its cultural heritages would rew...
2014 IAIA Karita Coffey Carolyn Taylor
Alysa Landry
Nearly 4,000 students have graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts , but no two individuals have had the same experience...
Chelsey Luger
To be a reporter during the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Indigenous Fine Arts Market in New Mexico is just plain overwhelming – so many beautiful stories, so many incredible arti...