Brethren By Nature Newell
Tanya H. Lee
Last fall, National Geographic and PBS touted their respective TV series about the first Thanksgiving as new and historically accurate interpretations of the European colonization ...
Steven Newcomb

In 1776, a white aristocratic slave owner from Virginia named Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence....

Captured Abduction of Squanto
Christina Rose
The history of Native slavery in New England is finally breaking through after centuries of silence...
Sunday marked the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment, bringing the abolition of slavery to the United States. Commemorating the day, President Barack Obama stood at the U.S...
Alex Jacobs

Researching slavery in American History is eye-opening as I realized it was not taught outright but only glossed over when I was a student....

Tara Houska
The last few weeks have been filled with complex issues of race, identity, and all of the things America just doesn’t like talking about...
Renata Tupinambá
Some years ago the Indian Tenetehar from Maranhão told me about a Bororo leader when someone asked him about those times of the colonization...
Yamasee War Georgia
Christina Rose
Few American Indian wars were more devastating to colonists and more influential on the development of the south than the Yamasee War of 1715...
Konnie LeMay
It’s unlikely to show up in any American History course in high school, but this country’s past includes many cases of African and Native alliances in the early days of conquest in...
Stanley Heller

At the start of December I came late to a Ferguson protest being held in New Haven and started video recording. Happily I got a good chunk of the remarks of an American Indian student at Yale, Sebastian Medina-Tayac. It’s here entitled ...