Chelsey Luger
Regardless of what’s going on in the world, social media is pretty much always a hotbed of controversy, hate speech and plain old ignorance...

Pinterest is essentially a visual bookmarking tool to keep track of your interests, explained Jordan Skye Paul, a mem

Lisa J. Ellwood
Arranging a teepee creep at the pow wow on the down low? Well don’t use Twitter Direct Messages (DM’s) if absolute privacy is what you need to arrange that hook-up...
Mark Trahant
Do you sleep with your smart phone? Or first thing the next morning, even during the night, do you peek to see what's new?...
iStock Youth Help Suicide Depression
Alysa Landry
Five suicides in the past two months have shaken the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation...
Pinock Algonquin Anishinabeg Artist Language
Trey Saddler
Previously we discussed a variety of websites available for language students, many of which are free and easily accessible on many mobile devices...
Mark Fogarty
The top American Indian gaming vendors are rapidly expanding into the new markets developing in mobile and social media play at the same time as industry consolidation is giving th...
The quiz craze has caught social media by storm with quizzes like “What State Should You Live In?” and “What’s Your Mental Age?” But lately, quizzes themed around this country’s fi...
Mark Trahant
I remember getting in trouble as a teenager. The story beat me home. I was stunned at the velocity of information in a small community...
Mark Fogarty
A social media platform targeted to help American Indian casinos build up relationships with existing customers and acquire new ones is expected to go live in August...