Winona LaDuke

Let me just say I am a fan of the Irish. Not a lick Irish, but I love the Irish, their music, their tragic sense of humor, resilience—and their food. Well maybe not the food, and I’m not much of a drinker, so not even a Guinness....

Ireland Blooms Leprechauns
Christina Rose
What’s more Irish than a leaping, green-garbed leprechaun, hoisting a pint of ale and stashing his gold coins at the bottom of a rainbow? Pretty much anything...
Famine Memorial Dublin Photocall
Christina Rose
The British over the centuries were equal opportunity offenders when it came to colonizing other cultures...
Stanley Heller
I’m writing this on St. Patrick’s Day as I recall a visit I made last year to the Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum in Hamden, CT...
Christina Rose
Irish culture is filled with tales of fairies, banshees and leprechauns, and there is nothing as Irish as a good story...
We're overstating the case there—the Choctaws didn't save the Irish, but they sure tried to help...